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It’s time to upgrade your roof! Our new and existing homeowners have increasingly begun to try out our metal roofing system.
Unlike other metal roofing companies, we provide fast and efficient service at an affordable price with guaranteed durability. As a premier roofing company, we specialize in commercial metal roofing, protecting our clients’ homes and businesses from extreme weather conditions and damage.
Our team of highly qualified contractors and builders will equip your home with the best of the best! We provide copper, steel, aluminum roof shingles, and galvanized steel metallic roofs. Each option is strong and made from recycled metal.
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Metal roof shingles are designed to maximize the life of your roof and minimize the costs of damages. Metal is the second most popular roofing material used today, with the ability to increase your home’s resale value from 1% to 6%.

Each shingle binds together to create a shield. Metal roofs are water-resistant and fire-resistant. Metal is also a conductor allowing heat to pass through it, keeping your home cool in the summer months. Metal will protect your home from lightning strikes and it reflects light from the sun. Metal shingles withstand high wind speeds, repel insects, and prevents rot. Regardless of where you live, your metal roof can fight against the elements.

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At JAE Construction, we prioritize speed and efficiency. Our metal roofing contractors work hard to respond in a timely manner. We streamline the metal roof installation process. Using satellite imaging, we make sure to have all measurements finalized, along with your paperwork and estimates before we begin working on your roof to prevent wasted materials and time.

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Our residential metal roofing services are always available and with a metal roof replacement cost estimator, we can help you budget for any potential repair that may be required. We want your roofs to last as long as possible and that is exactly what we are going to do. If you have any questions, feel free to call us: 954-357-0560 at any of our many locations nearest to you in South Florida. Our certified team will be more than happy to take care of you.

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Lifetime Guarantee

A Real lifetime guarantee..distinctly different from results that can save you thousands!

Cheaper than Shingles or Tile
Only a JAE Construction metal roof offers outstanding savings. Reduce your FPL bill and carbon footprint
Easy Financing
Fast, easy and affordable financing with payments as low as $99.00 monthly!

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