8 Popular Types Of Roof Shingles

Blog July 12, 2020

Whether you are looking for the best house shingles for your new home or seeking to replace your existing roof shingles, there are a few considerations that you must keep in mind. 

A new shingled roof is a big investment, so you’ll want to take into account the costs to install certain types of shingles, as well as the lifespan you can expect from them.

When living in a humid and hot-weather state like Florida, we all understand the importance of keeping our homes safe and sound from the scorching heat and humidity. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used types of roof shingles to help you design beautiful and durable roofing systems.

  • Architectural

Architectural, also famously known as the multilayered shingles, consist of around three to four overlaps. They are one of the most costly, but also one of the most popular roof types. They effectively keep your rooftop safe and secure against extreme weather conditions like sunstroke or heavy stormy rains. These shingles are the most popular type for roofing in Florida.

  • Asphalt

The most durable, steadfast, and versatile option on our list of different types of shingles are asphalt roof shingles. They are extremely beneficial in the various climatic conditions of North America and also have a great demand across the rest of the globe. 

Asphalt allows you to choose from a range of colors and styles, such as dimensional, strip, and luxury shingles. This unique type of roof material comes with the technology of dusting off hail and dampness in cold weathers, reflective colors during hot sunny days, and defense mechanisms against fungus or algae growth. 

These roof shingles are resistant to fire and explosive occurrences and, most importantly, have a lifelong guarantee with minimal maintenance. 

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass roof shingles are inexpensive, water-resistant, adequately insulated, and long-term resilient. They are extensively used as the focal material for house sheltering. The wet fiberglass is overlapped with hard-wearing adhesives. 

This distinctive roof shingle comes with astonishing features like protecting your house from harmful ultraviolet rays and fire ignition. The mat of fiberglass base is coated with asphalt which automatically elevates its value and magnitude.

  • Organic

Next on our list of different types of roof shingles are organic roof shingles. They are the most basic, closer to nature, eco-friendly, and easily affordable forms of roof shingles. They are created by using an organic mat, which is then saturated by asphalt to make it waterproof. Finally they are top coated with adhesive asphalt and embedded with ceramic granules.

Though this process is comprehensively nature-friendly as it uses wood, shavings, cardboard, and paper, this type of roof wrapping might have more maintenance and durability concerns. Organic shingles may not be able to battle against severe weather. Also, they may deteriorate in quality and suffer acceleration of moisture or thermal conductivity.

  • Tile

Tile roofing is a fun, accessible, quite sturdy, and trendy way of modeling your rooftop. They accentuate your exteriors beautifully as tile shingles come in different shapes and colors. 

They are moldable, visually very attractive, and might raise your property’s worth to a sufficient level. But tiles can be more expensive than other popular materials and they also require frequent filling up of cracks and holes.   

  • Wood

Completely natural, energy-efficient, and very reliable environment-friendly types of roof shingles include wood shingles. These roof shelters are quite durable and they do not consume too much of your expenses during the installation procedure. 

While wood shingles have their solid impact on sustainability for the environment, they also come with certain unavoidable gray areas. You ought to invest in termite and bug protection while choosing wood as the pivotal material for your roof. Plus, it is prone to catching fire, so extra caution about your heating and cooking systems is required beforehand.  

  • Metal

Metal roofing gives your property a sleek, flat, and steep appearance. You can choose from different types of roofs in metals like tin, copper, zinc, aluminum, and the most solid and structured of all: steel. They last long and can be an outstanding protection and shield against all tyrannical atmospheres. 

Like most other types of roof materials, metal too requires maintenance like tightening of nut bolts and nails, and protecting the roof covering from rust and moisture. Click here if you’d like to learn more about metal roofing vs shingles.

  • Slate

An ideal option to keep your house safe is to cover your roof with slate shingles. Even though slate may not be too easy on your pockets, it does come with exciting benefits. These shingles are foolproof in giving dependable protection against frosty cold weather conditions. Slate shingles are included in the most resistant types of roofs when it comes to security from water leakage and damage. 

Styles Tailored To Your Home

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