Benefits of a Tile Roof

Blog July 5, 2020

In many areas of America, especially places like Florida, tile roofing is a very common practice. It isn’t just about how beautiful these tiles look when used for roof tops, but the benefits of a tile roof are quite a handful to ignore.

If you look at regions like Florida, you will see that most of the houses have used roof tiles, which gives the area a very specific look. While tile roofs might be more expensive in comparison to shingle, metal or wooden roofs, they are much more long-lasting than any other roof covering options.

Features Of A Tile Roof

Most of the traditional tiles used for roofs were made of clay which is extremely heavy. This caused a need for major structural roof changes in order to adjust to the weight of the material. But with so many new materials being used, people have an option to choose between different lightweight materials for roof tiles. 

In fact, one of the biggest advantages of roof tiles in the modern day is the possibility of having different light weight material options. 

Homeowners usually prefer different styles for the tiles they use. Some of the popular options include Spanish, Mediterranean, shake, wood shingle, and slate. 

Customers can choose from a variety of different colors. Concrete and clay tiles come in a wide array of colors, from light shades to dark or multi-colored, making it easy to coordinate your roof with exterior colors. Red is the most commonly used color in Florida, while other options include green, driftwood grey, and blue.

Benefits Of A Tile Roof

Besides the beautiful appearance of clay tiles, there are a number of benefits of a tile roof for your house.

  • One of the biggest mangalore tiles advantages is that they can be found in different weight options for you to choose from.
  • The life of roof tiles is very long, which makes them a good one-time investment. Even if it might be a little expensive, having tile roofing is definitely worth it.
  • In the battle of tile roof vs shingles when it comes to hurricanes, the former clearly emerges as the winner. The clay tiles provide a very strong resistance against the damages of a hurricane, which are very common in areas like Florida.
  • The clay tiles are known for being fireproof roof tiles. That means in case of incidents like fire in the house, these clay tiles will minimize the damage caused by fire.
  • The material used for these clay tiles acts as a great insulator of heat. It aids in keeping your house really warm and cozy in the winters while making it cool in summers.
  • The color options available in these roof tiles can help you create a great outlook of your house, complementing the overall color and design of your house.
  • The use of clay roof tiles increases the value of the house, which means your house will sell better and faster with more appraisal credits.

Drawbacks Of A Tile Roof 

Even though the benefits of a clay tile roof are plentiful, there are certain drawbacks which you might want to look into as well.

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of using tile roofs is the cost of installing them. The tile roofs cost you way too much in comparison to metal roofing or other options. This is because the material used for tile roofs is long-lasting and durable.
  • Some types of tile roofs can be extremely heavy. They require certain changes in the structure of your roof top to adjust the weight. 
  • Owing to their weight, if in case there are problems in the future, it might get a little difficult to rectify the problem as the entire setting of these tiles might be damaged due to one area being treated.

Is A Tile Roof Best For You?

If you are planning to purchase tile roofs for your house, you might want to analyze

a few things according to your requirements for a rooftop. As discussed, the heavy weight of the tiles might require certain structural changes in your house.  If you think you can afford to make these structural changes for a long-lasting and stylish rooftop, then tile roof might be your pick.

The best weather to get these tiles installed is during the warm season and always remember that this procedure will take much longer than you expect. Therefore, you might want to discuss your options for installation with a professional roof installation company like JAE Construction. 

JAE Construction’s Fort Lauderdale roofing experts can give you the right guidance about your tile preferences and also suggest the best time to get the procedure done. Our expert team will pay close attention to details that most other roofing companies overlook. Contact JAE Construction today and learn more about our services!